You Might be Sitting on the Hottest Holiday Gift Idea of the Season

Why office chairs are a hot holiday must-have for the first time ever

Don’t just sit there: Tips to improve your work from home setup for wellness & productivity
Live product demonstration from the showroom of a Herman Miller store

If you are working from home amid the COVID-19 pandemic, you might find that your makeshift office is a literal pain in the neck. And it all starts with how and where you sit. According to some surveys, the average American now sits for an average of 8-10 hours a day.

If you are like the many millions of people who don’t have proper office chairs, sitting in the wrong type of chair might actually be damaging your overall health and wellbeing.

So, don’t just sit there. This holiday season and as we look ahead to the new year the hottest gift option and easiest way to improve your health is the chair you sit on.

Devon Torrey, a Performance Specialist at Herman Miller, discusses:

•             What people are doing wrong when it comes to their WFH setups and how it is negatively affecting our health

•             Why office & gaming chairs are a hot holiday must-have for the first time ever

•             The importance of sitting well, what to look for in an ergonomic office chair

•             Ways to improve your WFH setup for wellness & productivity

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About Devon Torrey, Performance Specialist, Herman Miller

It’s one thing to design a beautiful space—it’s another to do it with beauty and health in mind. For Herman Miller’s Devon Torrey, that’s a skillset he’s been honing for years, and a crucial part of his role as General Manger leading the team at the brand-new Herman Miller Seating Store in the Hudson Yards district of NYC.

From educating customers on the significance of ergonomics to helping them select the perfect furniture for their body and space, Torrey is a crucial part of Herman Miller’s efforts to help customers discover how to bring the quality and expertise of Herman Miller into their homes.

With over six years of experience in the design and luxury retail industry, it seems fitting that Torrey not only helped open the very first direct-to-consumer retail store for Herman Miller in 2016, but is now at the helm of the next iteration of Herman Miller experiences. With a degree in Interior Design from the Art Institute of Charlotte and previous experience at CB2 and Mroz Office, Torrey’s strong background in design and client management has placed him at the forefront of Herman Miller’s ever growing retail division.