Biggest Trends in the Automotive Industry This Year – An Article

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The automotive industry is continually evolving to be a safer, more high-tech, and more efficient space. This past year saw a lot of new trends take the stage in consumer preferences and automotive specs. Let’s recap some of the biggest trends in the automotive industry this year.

More Electric Cars

Electric cars have been around for years, but they are indeed becoming more popular. More brands are designing hybrid and electric vehicles, and more consumers are looking at the environmental impact of buying an electric car as opposed to a standard one. Some states and government agencies even offer incentives for consumers to make the switch.

Digital Purchasing

Dealerships are no longer the only place consumers can purchase a car. More consumers are now moving away from physical dealerships and making their car purchases online. Like most retail industries, the ease of clicking a few buttons instead of spending time shopping in a brick-and-mortar location has become more appealing to car owners, especially with the unique challenges of 2020.

Autonomous Solutions

While the transition to fully autonomous cars is still a few years away, some models, such as Teslas, are rising in popularity on the market. Other vehicles that haven’t adopted autonomous driving have implemented some autonomous features like automatic braking and parking. These amenities make driving a more effortless experience for those behind the wheel and help keep roads safer.

Increased Luxury

Each year, the new cars on the market become a little more luxurious than the last. This year, specs like infotainment systems, keyless entry, and push-to-start features have become standard on most new cars. Instead of paying extra for these items as add-ons, many base models already include them.

Every year, new trends in the automotive industry emerge. This year, some of the biggest trends in the automotive industry were a more significant push for electric vehicles, digital purchasing habits, autonomous driving features, and more luxurious base models.