Tips on Shopping for a Car During a Pandemic

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Automotive Expert Nik Miles Shares Insights on COVID-19’s Impact on Consumer Car Buying

Reporting New Results from the Third Annual National Survey of Car Buyers

With the end-of-year car buying season underway, this year, things are a little different…

The COVID-19 pandemic may be driving some changes in the way people shop for a car, including using digital tools, researching financing options and pre-qualifications ahead of time, and spending less time in the dealership.

Consumers are leaning into digital tools to help them do more background research before heading to the dealership, which might be helping make the process simpler, more transparent, and more efficient for everyone involved. Digital tools like Auto Navigator from Capital One can help car shoppers do more online research into the type of vehicle and financing options prior to visiting a dealership.  Auto Navigator from Capital One allows car buyers to shop a digital inventory of millions of cars from more than 13,000 participating dealerships nationwide, pre-qualify for financing with no impact to their credit score, and see their financing options, all in one place.

Automotive Expert Nik Miles discusses:

●            How the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting the auto industry

●            How consumers are approaching buying a car during the pandemic

●            What consumers are looking for when selecting vehicles in 2020

●            How digital tools like Auto Navigator from Capital One help streamline the entire process

 Station Note: This segment is brought to you by Auto Navigator from Capital One

About Nik Miles

Nik has been a staple of the American broadcasting scene since the early 90s. Nik Is best known nationally for his Fox Sports and NBC Sports, TV show and locally for his Morning show segments on 50 local stations. Nik also has a daily Radio News segments that reach a million Americans every day. With 32 years of experience as a radio and TV host and 14 years as an automotive journalist, Nik has a witty and informative automotive perspective. Nik got his start in Radio as the #1 Portland and Seattle afternoon show. Nik was an early adopter of digital media and has been part of the YouTube landscape since 2006.