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About NewsplexNow.com

Created in 2014 as a video website, NewsplexNow has evolved into so much more. It is the brainchild of Patricia Kresner, Editor and Publisher who sought to provide an online outlet for professionally produced videos. There is also a NewsplexNow YouTube channel.

NewsplexNow.com celebrates professionally produced corporate videos, interviews, and branded storytelling. It’s a curated website where all videos are reviewed for content and production quality before being posted.

NewsplexNow.com offers a mix of videos on topics as wide-ranging as Technology, Business/Finance, Travel, Automotive and more. There are 10 consumer-oriented topics from which to choose.

NewsplexNow videos include interviews with industry experts, business leaders, medical professionals, corporate spokespeople and celebrities. Designed to be used by consumers and business professionals alike, NewsplexNow.com is committed to maintaining the highest standards.

Each posting may contain helpful tips or little-known facts.   Some have information about new products or services, while others highlight results from research surveys. 

Many are timely, most are timeless; they are all unique and interesting.

Today, NewsplexNow is pleased to accept professionally written articles and blog postings on various topics.

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Meet Our Team

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James Stone

Creative Director

Ashley Riordan

Art Director

Albert Coleman

Marketing Head

Clemens Steiner

Manager & QC