The Quick Guide to Nonprofit Awareness Campaigns

Awareness campaigns effectively increase public interest and educate people about causes. Look to this quick guide to nonprofit awareness campaigns to learn how to launch a campaign or learn about initiatives. You don’t want to miss this informative post!

What Are Awareness Campaigns?

Nonprofit awareness campaigns, or public awareness campaigns, are marketing strategies that increase public knowledge of a cause or issue. These causes directly relate to a nonprofit’s mission, but they usually address a specific concern. For example, a legal aid organization may spread the word about a new resettlement law for migrants. The campaign explains why the cause matters, how it affects people, and what supporters can do.

Goals of Awareness Campaigns

As the name suggests, the primary goal of an awareness campaign is to raise awareness for your cause. By increasing visibility, the nonprofit can grow its audience and create a stronger support group base to drive its mission forward.

However, it’s challenging to measure “awareness,” so, many organizations choose key performance indicators (KPIs) to determine the success of their campaigns. Typical goals for awareness campaigns include supporter growth and online engagement.

When To Launch Initiatives

Another aspect of our guide to nonprofit awareness campaigns includes launch times. The best time to launch campaigns is during an existing national awareness day related to the nonprofit or when an organization wants to grow its audience. Naturally, both times vary for every organization, but these options are the best way to catch people’s attention.

Types of Campaign Strategies

A notable part of awareness campaigns is that they’re extremely flexible. Nonprofits can utilize different strategies and online tactics to reach and engage their audience. Here are examples of popular campaign strategies:

  • In-person events
  • Social media campaigns with viral challenges
  • Fundraisers
  • Partnerships with other organizations
  • Multichannel advertising (i.e., flyers, radio commercials, and paid social ads)

Tips for Successful Campaign Strategies

Since awareness is all about increasing public interest, nonprofits can build audiences through storytelling. For example, organizing an educational workshop is an effective fundraising tip to raise awareness for your cause. The workshops increase public knowledge and offer the opportunity to share personal stories.

Successful strategies also include clear call-to-actions (CTAs) that tell people how to support their organization.  Nonprofits should include CTAs in all their messaging to gain support and reach goals.

Last but not least, nonprofits can secure sponsors for campaigns. Extra money can help nonprofits extend the reach of strategies like multichannel advertisements.