Most Unique Spots Around Lake Travis, Texas

Lake Travis is one of the largest and most beautiful lakes in Texas. This manufactured
lake in the Austin area is a great spot for camping, swimming, fishing, and other outdoor
activities. The lake is also home to fine restaurants, exciting events, and gorgeous
scenery. So whether you’re looking to set up camp for the weekend or explore the
fantastic views, here are some of the most unique spots around Lake Travis you
may want to see for yourself!

The Sometimes Islands
These unique islands are something of an enigma. There’s even a lot of discussion
about how the Sometimes Islands got their name in the first place. Basically, due to
fluctuating water levels, these islands are visible in the middle of Lake Travis
sometimes—and sometimes they aren’t. Typically, the best time to see these lush,
aquatic islands for yourself is between the months of May and October, when the sun is
out more and the water levels are lower. However, heavy rainfall may cover them up
again, so we recommend seeing them if you have an opportunity

The Oasis
The Oasis may sound like a secluded spring, but it’s actually a restaurant where you
can get a good burger and locally brewed craft beer. The Oasis is one of the most
unique spots around Lake Travis because its outdoor seating and hilltop location give
its diners one of the most breathtaking views of the lake. We recommend stopping by
this establishment with both your appetite and your camera.

Hippie Hollow
Hippie Hollow is a beautiful, secluded area that really allows guests to explore a perfect
balance between the splendor of the lake and the serene beauty of the surrounding
forest. It’s a gorgeous park with one notable caveat: Hippie Hollow is the only “clothing-
optional” park in all of Texas. So while it may be fun for an afternoon of checking out the
views, it may not be the best place to bring the whole family!