Is Now a Good Time to Buy a Car?

After years of record high prices, have good deals finally returned?

Car prices skyrocketed during the pandemic in 2020 and have remained high for over 3 years. But the latest data from iSeeCars shows prices are coming down over the past 6 months on both new and used models, creating an opportunity for car shoppers who have patiently waited for better buying opportunities.

While vehicle prices remain above pre-pandemic levels, they’ve come off their record highs from a year ago, with some genuinely high-value models available in today’s market. These include family-friendly SUVs and minivans, along with full-size trucks and electric cars.

With summer coming to an end, many families will be needing a new vehicle that can handle school, grocery store, and commuting duty. Leveraging the latest automotive technology, modern SUVs and minivans offer large touchscreen displays, rich rear entertainment experiences, and advanced driver-assist features like radar cruise control and blind-spot monitoring. Modern full-size trucks have never provided a better combination of functionality and fuel efficiency, while today’s electric cars deliver longer ranges and faster charging speeds.

Knowing how to get the best value in the current car market, and how to benefit from the advanced technology and safety features included on today’s models, will not only improve your family’s shopping and ownership experience, but also their safety and security.  The end of summer is the start of the official model year changeover, and shoppers can often find good deals, especially during the Labor Day weekend.

On August 11, we’ll be live in-studio with Auto Expert and veteran car buyer Karl Brauer. Karl will talk about recent car buying trends, why prices have been so high and why this may be the time to get that new ride you’ve been wanting (AND needing). Two different new car models, along with an electric or hybrid vehicle, equipped with the latest entertainment and safety technology, will be featured in studio.

ABOUT KARL BRAUER:  Karl Brauer is the Executive Analyst at, the largest online car search engine with over 4 million new and used cars, reinventing the way consumers search for cars for sale online. Karl’s automotive industry roles have included Editor in Chief at, Executive Publisher of Autotrader and Kelley Blue Book, and Senior Director of Industry Insights at Kelley Blue Book. His commentary is regularly featured in hundreds of media outlets, including The New York Times, CNN, USA Today, and the Wall Street Journal. Karl’s television appearances include CNBC, CNN, Yahoo Finance, Cheddar News, and dozens of local TV stations. He loves driving and talking about cars, plus helping consumers navigate the car buying process.

 This interview is produced for Infiniti