Tips for Getting Your Harley Ready for Summer

With warmer weather approaching, it is time to bring your Harley out from storage and get it ready for riding season. But you can’t just dust it off and get going down the road; you need to prepare it for riding. Here are some tips to get your Harley ready for the summer.

Top Off Your Liquids

The first thing you should do is refill your bike’s liquids. Every vehicle needs oil and fuel to run, and your Harley is no different. Even if you did this before you put your bike in storage, you should check the levels again before taking it out on the road.

Check Your Electrical System

Your motorcycle uses electricity to power the engine and lights. You want to give the electrical system a look over to ensure everything is in place and at full charge. You may need to charge your battery to get it ready for the new season.

Inspect the Brakes, Throttle, and Clutch

Before you start riding your Harley, you want to be sure that everything is in working order. Pay particular attention to your brake system and the throttle and clutch. These need to be in working order to drive safely.

Make Upgrades

Now is a great time to improve your bike. There are plenty of upgrades to make on your Harley in 2023, such as new headlights or a better brake system. Making these changes before riding season allows you to test them out before you hit the road so you can enjoy the season without a hitch.

These are the steps you should take to get your Harley ready for summer. Even if you were riding your bike through the winter, you should still give it a good checkup to get ready for the new season.