Maintenance Tips for Getting Your Playground Summer Ready

The weather can leave a playground in shambles if you don’t take care of it. If you want to enjoy your playground equipment all year, you must ensure it’s in good shape after the winter. Here are some practical maintenance tips for getting your playground summer ready.

Inspect and Repair Damage

Playgrounds that get a lot of use see ongoing wear and tear, and the winter months can intensify the degrading effects of everyday use. Therefore, you should perform a thorough inspection and repair any damages to ensure your playground is ready for the warmer months.

Cracking, warping, and rust can make your equipment unsafe or unusable. Taking the time to tighten down bolts and lubricate moving parts will ensure your playground is ready for action come summertime. Remember to consult your owner’s manual if there’s anything you aren’t sure about.

Pay Attention to Local Regulations

Even if it’s on your property, playground equipment and other types of installations are subject to local laws and regulations. Summer typically brings increased playground usage, so ensuring your structure abides by local regulations becomes increasingly important in case of accidents or injuries. Reviewing the standards and regulations every playground owner should know will help make sure you don’t get any fines due to faulty equipment.

Redo the Surfacing

Your playground’s surfacing is designed to keep kids safe while using the equipment. It helps cushion the impact of falls, preventing head injuries and other major accidents. The surfacing you use and how well you maintain it will make a big difference in the level of protection it provides.

Standard solutions—such as sand, woodchips, and gravel—are inexpensive but don’t afford the same shock-absorption properties as more modern materials. Engineered rubber or wood-fiber surfaces are much better solutions if you want to have the safest playground possible this summer.

Be Ready To Start as Soon as the Weather Is Right

Keeping your playground in good condition can be difficult when it’s cold or wet outside. Even though wintertime maintenance is still important, helping your structure recover after the colder months is key. With these maintenance tips for getting your playground summer ready, you’ll get the most out of your equipment this year.