The Benefits and Drawbacks of Luxury Cars – An Article

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Besides just looking really cool, a luxury car has a lot of benefits. With cars, you get what you pay for, and although the price tag is high on luxury cars, the benefits pay for themselves. On the other hand, you may find after discovering the benefits and drawbacks of luxury cars that the drawbacks win and you don’t need all those extra features.


Let’s face it—luxury cars are eye-catching. It isn’t every day that we see a Tesla in the grocery store parking lot or a Mercedes-Benz in the pick-up line at our child’s school. Some enthusiasts make them even more unique and stunning by adding auto body kits, causing jaws to drop as they drive by.

If a good-looking car that makes people say, “wow,” is your thing…then add one point under the pros list for luxury cars.


Think leather, well-engineered seats, and the perfect temperature in every area of a luxury car—and those are just the basics. They are called luxury cars for a reason. If you can’t find comfort when seated in one, then you won’t find comfort anywhere.


You won’t find anything below a V6 for a luxury car’s engine. Performance matters and these extravagant vehicles deliver. A strong engine means a longer life for the car.


Due to the hefty price-tag, luxury cars offer the best in safety. Airbags in every area possible, anti-lock brakes, and traction control are all standard in luxury vehicles. They are also built well, making them safer should an accident occur.


Believe it or not, insurance rates may go up if you switch from an economy car to a luxury car. Along with status comes a need for speed in the eyes of an insurance company. If you have teenagers who will also be driving the car, prepare to give your car insurance company plenty of money.


All cars decrease in value as soon as you drive them off the lot and into your life. Mileage equals depreciation. When paying a lot of money for a luxury car, a drawback can be that you lose more money from depreciation than you would with an economy car.


Thankfully, the resale of a luxury car is good as long as it has been well taken care of. Many people want luxury cars but do not want the sticker price of a brand new one, making resale a wise choice.

You should consider both the benefits and drawbacks of luxury cars when car shopping. In the end, choose a vehicle you can afford, and one that makes you want to take a drive.