Metal Roofing vs. Shingle Roofing: Which Material Is Best?

Do you need a strong roofing material that will protect your home and family for many years? Continue reading to learn which material is best between metal roofing and shingle roofing.


Before choosing a roof for your home, you need to identify a strong material that will combat wear and tear for many years. Both types of roofing are durable and desirable, but which is the strongest?

Life Span

Metal roofing is incredibly sturdy and durable; it can last roughly 50 years or longer!

In contrast, shingle roofing generally requires replacements every 15 to 30 years, depending on the climate you live in. Warmer weather can decrease shingle roofing’s longevity because the humidity and sunlight can cause quicker deterioration compared to cooler weather.

Weather Resistance

Metal roofs withstand strong winds, extreme temperatures, heavy rain, and snow. They even resist catching fire. You’ll never have to question if this energy-efficient material will falter during frightening weather and outdoor conditions.

Shingle roofs are more susceptible to catching fire when they’re asphalt. This material is combustible. Also, they sustain damages from wind, hail, and snow more easily. Luckily, they’re easily replaceable by any local roofing company!


Metal roofing requires little maintenance over time. Always remember to frequently clean up leaves and branches when needed. When maintenance is necessary to deal with damages, you’ll find that it can be costly and require intensive labor.

If you want something easy to install and replace over time, shingle roofing requires less time and labor and is more affordable. There might be more repairs over the lifespan of a shingle roof, but it’s a great option for most homes.


While you need to know about the practical characteristics of each type of roofing, appearance is also a driving factor.

Metal roofs give buildings an industrial look. It’s unique and is available in a variety of colors. One tip for choosing a metal roof color is to pick something you’ll enjoy for years. Metal roofs are so resilient that their colors will last as long as the roofs themselves.

Shingle roofs have a classic appearance that will never go out of style. The colors available include various shades of black, blue, red, gray, and brown. To add depth to your home, consider installing dimensional asphalt or luxury shingles. Both are durable and desirable roofing options because of their luxurious appearance.

Roofing protects everything within your home. After learning about metal roofing and shingle roofing, you can decide which material is best for your home and family in the long run.