What To Know About Using Soft Wax for a Brazilian Wax

If you or your client is choosing an intimate waxing experience like a Brazilian wax, then every decision is important. Choosing between hard and soft wax for the experience is the most important decision, as they apply and feel different. Keep reading to learn what to know about using soft wax for a Brazilian wax before you or your client decides on it.

Soft Wax Is Good for Large Areas

Since soft wax remains in a liquid state, never hardening like hard wax does, it works best in large areas where it’s easy to spread. Brazilian waxes remove hair from the entire pubic region, more than a bikini wax, which focuses on the edges of the public region. While this area isn’t large, such as waxing a whole leg would be, it isn’t as small as waxing an armpit, either. Therefore, many waxing artists and people who wax at home don’t know how to pick between hard and soft wax.

You Can’t Reapply Soft Wax

One soft wax tip that can make choosing between hard and soft wax easier is that you can’t reapply soft wax. Once you or your client have applied soft wax and removed it from an area, you can’t apply it again, as reapplication can hurt skin.

If you’re an experienced esthetician or have used soft wax on yourself before and can apply it well, then you won’t need to reapply it, and the waxing experience should go smoothly. However, if you don’t have a lot of experience with soft wax, the inability to reapply it can mean you leave some hair behind. Don’t pick soft wax for a Brazilian wax if you’re not confident with soft wax.

Soft Wax Is Painful

Brazilian waxes cover an intimate, sensitive area, so you want to choose the type of wax that will hurt the least. Unfortunately, soft wax isn’t that option. Soft wax attaches to the top layer of skin as well as the hair when you apply it. When you remove it, you exfoliate the top layer of the skin. While exfoliation is good for your skin, many people find it painful.

Hard wax adheres to the skin only, which is less painful. That’s why many people think that hard wax is better for Brazilian waxing than soft wax. However, your skin needs exfoliation after waxing, so if you don’t get it from the soft wax, you must do it yourself later. Many people think it’s easier to include exfoliation in the waxing process, even if it’s more painful.

There’s a lot to know about using soft wax for a Brazilian wax, whether you’re doing it yourself or are a professional waxing artist. While soft wax is the more painful option compared to hard wax, it will work in the pubic area and help exfoliate the skin, which many people think is worth it. Whatever you decide, waxing is a great way to maintain your skin and hair care all over your body.