The future is here!  Learn how we will use technology to cook, what we will eat, and how new kitchen habits are likely to evolve. Shawn Stover VP of Smart Home Solutions at GE Appliances will demonstrate the kitchen of the future.

GE Appliances will be showcasing its “Shift Kitchen” concept, a tech-powered, personalized, inclusive, flexible design that transforms a single living space in real-time, adapting to the individual needs of the different people living there. 

This kitchen can shift to become accessible for a range of physical statures, ages and different abilities, utilizing face and voice recognition technology to determine available features, height adjustments and more.

This incredible flexibility is all the more important when you consider the following US statistics:

  • 56 million multi-generational homes
  • 40% of families have 3 or more kids
  • 39 million women shorter than 5’1”, 21.2 million men shorter than 5’6”
  • 47 million senior citizens
  • 8.1 million have difficulty seeing, 19.9 million have difficulty lifting or grasping, 36 million people over 40 have memory issues

Additionally, GE Appliances will show a “Home Grown” kitchen which can grow, store and prepare food for the urban-dwelling realities of tomorrow all the while maximizing energy and water efficiency and reducing food waste. 

This futuristic kitchen can recognize whole and packaged foods, adjust storage and cooking temperature, detect freshness and expiration dates, assist in portioning and preparation and deliver nutritional information.

  • In the US:
    • 36% of food cost is consumed by transportation, processing, and packaging
    • 50% of all produce in the U.S. is thrown away
    • 25% of the food Americans bring home are throw away and that is more than 20 pounds of food per person every month