Music Production Techniques for Better Sound

For those in music production, nailing that perfect sound is essential. Beginners can use many tried and true techniques to enhance their track’s quality.

Here are a few standard music production techniques for better sound in your final product.


Getting into a music track can be hard if the volume levels are all over the place. Different instruments, voices, and sounds are difficult to nail down during the recording process. Compression allows producers to lower highs and heighten lows to make the dynamics more consistent.

The compression threshold dictates which sounds will be picked up. To get the best sound, slowly dial in the compression until you achieve the desired levels. Compression can make the overall sound more professional by smoothing out the louder and softer aspects of the track. However, you won’t see any significant changes if the threshold is too high.


Saturation will give your recording some texture and make it feel more unique. You can use it to beef up specific elements, create distorted effects, and add harmonics to your track. Saturation is usually achieved by overdriving the signal, making it easier to effectively combine different sounds.

There are quite a few ways to improve your overall sound quality. Getting the saturation levels just right will help you get the sound quality where you want it. By subtly distorting the effects, you can add overtones, thicken vocal sounds, or add warmth to instruments.


Recording artists also often employ EQ to get a better sound. Equalization is the process of manually adjusting individual frequencies, or a range of frequencies, to reduce imperfections and highlight the desired tone. An EQ is essential for balancing the final mix.

EQs can be in the form of hardware or software plugins. Controlling the tone of your sound by boosting specific signals and lowering others enables you to dial in on the exact audio signals you want. Learning to use your EQ settings will help you lock in that effervescent sound.

Make Your Next Track Pop

Getting your tracks to sound how you want is the first step to achieving a successful music production career. However, you’ll need to understand the basics of audio engineering to get there.

Using these music production techniques for better sound will allow you to stretch your creative muscles and create something truly unique.