Common Obstacles in a Military Relationship

Human beings are complicated, so it’s no surprise that our romances come with unique challenges. These hurdles can increase when your partner is in the military. Serving your country is a big job, and it makes maintaining a romantic connection difficult at times. Learn about common obstacles in a military relationship to set you and your significant other up for success.
Moving When Duty Calls
There will come a time when your partner receives a permanent change of station. This term is what the military uses for moving when duty calls, which often leaves you both with mixed feelings.
Fresh starts are full of adventure, but it also means plenty of change and uprooting everything you know. While some moves allow you to stay in the United States, others can result in you being in a different country. Opening yourself up to change will help in these uncertain times. Also, do yourself a favor and learn what kind of help the military will offer in terms of financial assistance, as moving costs add up.
Unexpected Deployments
An unexpected deployment causes plenty of upset for all parties involved. Here are some useful tips for handling a surprise deployment that can better prepare you. Make sure to take care of yourself, as this rapid relocation causes stress. If you have kids, it’s extremely important to communicate what’s happening so they’ll understand the situation.
While this situation will always be difficult, being kind to yourself and staying busy will help you weather the storm.
Staying Connected
Most couples struggle with staying connected. Communication is also a common obstacle in military relationships, as there are periods when you and your significant other are separated.
Do your best to communicate your needs before your partner gets deployed and encourage them to do the same. Taking this crucial step ensures both of you are on the same page. Figure out how the two of you will spend time together while you’re experiencing the challenges that arise with distance. A mixture of texting, phone calls, and video calls will go a long way in helping you feel close.
Military relationships come with exclusive challenges, but they also share some difficulties people face in all romances. Preparing yourself for change and communicating will help keep your bond strong. Try your best to talk with your partner today.