3 Holiday Gifts You Can Sew for Anyone This Year

While it’s only starting to feel like fall, the major gift-giving holidays will soon be upon us. While some people prefer to go shopping for the perfect gifts for their loved ones, others prefer to create something more personal. This is when homemade gifts start to come together, especially if you have a creative skill like sewing.

DIY sewing projects can save you money at any time of year. However, hand-crafting gifts allows you to save even more during the holiday season by skipping all the overcharged merchandise in stores. Keep reading to learn about three holiday gifts you can sew for anyone this year to save money and make something special.

Tote Bag

Whether you’re crafting for the office gift exchange or the family member who has everything, a large reusable tote bag is a fantastic gift. You can use any fabric and make it any size so that it’s perfect for anyone, regardless of their personal style and shopping habits. The recipient can use it to pick up groceries, travel, or even bring their supplies to work. A tote bag is a great gender-neutral gift that anyone will appreciate.

Multipurpose Towels

Homes require plenty of upkeep, and much of that upkeep requires towels. Whether you’re cleaning or cooking, having a towel nearby is helpful. Assist your loved ones this upcoming holiday season by making them some multipurpose towels to keep around their home. Like tote bags, this is a useful, gender-neutral gift that anyone can appreciate having in their home. You can make a matching set of towels of assorted sizes, or you can just make several standard hand towels for the recipient to use however they like.

Vacation Set

Even during the holidays, people look forward to summer vacations, so make them a travel set for whenever they set off. You can make a travel pillow if you want to craft a bigger item or stick with smaller gifts like luggage tags and bookmarks. Make the present more personal by including a book recommendation with the bookmark or a fun checklist for wherever they’re traveling to!

Our three holiday gifts you can sew for anyone this year are a tote bag, multipurpose towels, and a vacation set. Anyone can appreciate these presents since they’re so practical, but the fact that you made them yourself will be what transforms them into a thoughtful, personal gift they’ll adore.