What To Do When You Find Shingles in Your Yard

Something many homeowners don’t talk about is the dreaded appearance of shingles in the yard. This issue is a common occurrence after a heavy storm with strong winds. The shingles are likely on the older side and experienced all they could on the top of the house before falling off. When you find shingles in your yard, consider taking these actions.

Try Not To Panic

The first time you find a shingle in your yard, your mind may jump to the worst-case scenario. You might immediately fear a total roof replacement, a bathroom leak, or a basement flood. Anything is possible with shingles in the yard, including the potential that the shingle belonged to your neighbor’s roof, not your own.

Shingles in the yard are common after a heavy rainstorm or strong winds, and it’s easy to panic. It’s vital to assess the situation from a place of rational thinking to avoid significant stress. Remember, it could be your neighbor’s problem, not yours.

Monitor Your Yard Regularly

One of the first things you should do when you find shingles in your yard is to begin monitoring the yard more carefully. Over the course of a week or so, keep an eye out for more shingles and consider the locations you find them. If you’re seeing them within a five-foot space around your home, chances are there is an issue on your roof.

If you find them on one side or the other, several yards away from your home, this may indicate it’s the neighbor’s roof, and you should inform them of the situation. When you find repeat shingles in your yard, stand back from the property and take a moment to inspect your roof for visual signs of damage.

Start Monitoring the Interior of Your Home Regularly

If you suspect these shingles are yours, start monitoring the home’s interior more closely. If the ceiling starts showing signs of drooping or leaking, call your local roofing company immediately. These signs indicate an emergency scenario because the exterior damage is contributing to interior damage, which will be costly the longer it goes on.

When monitoring the interior, keep a log of events. Keeping a progression timeline will help if you need to make a claim with a warranty company, insurance provider, or local roofing company.

Partner With a Reputable Roofing Company

You should always partner with a reputable roofing company when you’re spotting shingles in your yard. You might be under warranty from the existing manufacturer or company, meaning you’re one call away from a viable solution. If you know the warranty is up, you should still place a call—the quicker someone assesses the issue, the easier things will be in the long run.

Typically, loose shingles are one of the telltale signs you need a roof replacement in the near future. Don’t delay the inevitable. Instead, let the professionals work for you to improve the condition of your property.