Types of Damage Homeowners Should Be Insured Against

Owning a home requires ongoing repairs, which can get expensive pretty quickly without assistance. Luckily, insurance companies provide financing when unexpected events occur, making it easier for homeowners to keep up with the cost of living.

Having coverage for the incident in question is essential to receive payments. Here are the types of damage homeowners should be insured against.


Fire is a common hazard that impacts many homeowners each year. A bad fire can burn away your possessions and home, leaving you with little if you aren’t properly insured. Insuring against fire is essential for protecting your assets.

Standard homeowner’s insurance generally covers items that have been lost or damaged in a fire. It can help with paying for repairs and replacements. Fire insurance usually covers the entire property, meaning any items on the property are eligible for reimbursement.


Another hazard homeowners need to be wary of is water damage. In many cases, water damage occurs without warning due to ongoing problems the homeowner didn’t notice in time. Clogged gutters, drains, and septic tanks can be a huge hassle to fix.

Insurance generally covers accidental damage inside the home from leaky or burst pipes but won’t cover flooding from outside or damage due to negligence. Filing a water damage insurance claim can take some time, so be sure to fill out the correct information the first time.


Mother nature can be unpredictable, making it difficult to keep your home in top condition. Storm damage from hail and high winds can occur at any time. Homeowners must have the necessary insurance to deal with it once the weather passes.

Insurance companies generally cover wind damage due to weather events such as hurricanes and tornados. However, depending on your home’s location, you’ll probably have to purchase a special policy. Areas prone to wind damage may be more expensive since there’s a higher likelihood of a claim being filed.

Protect Your Home at All Costs

No matter how well you maintain your home, damage due to fire, water, and wind can leave you unable to afford repairs. Having a good insurance policy can save you time and money when the unexpected happens.

Knowing the types of damage homeowners should be insured against will help you protect your investment during worst-case scenarios.