Top Tips To Help You Choose the Right Prom Accessories

You’ve found the perfect prom dress, and now what? Now it’s time to find the perfect accessories! You want to compliment your gown and tie the look together, and it’s not as challenging as you may think. These tips will help you choose the right prom accessories.

Prom Jewelry

Jewelry will add a nice touch of sparkle and elegance to your prom gown. How much jewelry you wear depends on your dress style. Is your dress full of sparkles and sequins? Then you may want to opt for simple earrings and a bracelet to avoid taking attention away from your stunning gown. Did you pick out a simple yet stylish dress? This simplicity allows for room to play with your jewelry.

Find the pieces that make you happy and complement your dress well. If the jewelry competes with your gown or style, it’s best to try something else. Take a few things away and see if that does the trick.

Prom Shoes

Your prom shoes should add to your style. Do you want to keep things fancy with a pair of heels? Are you more into comfort and would love to wear a pair of stylish sneakers? Wearing comfortable but cute shoes is one tip to help you stand out in your prom dress.

The choice is yours, my dear! Whatever shoe style you pick, ensure the color matches. The last thing you need is for your prom shoes to clash with your prom gown.

Prom Bag

Your prom bag should tie the entire look together. It should match your dress, shoes, and jewelry to complete your style. Look for a clutch with a detachable shoulder strap you can tuck inside. This tip will make things easier for you as you carry your bag throughout the evening. If you can’t find a detachable strap clutch, look for one with a wrist strap. Ensure you can fit your phone, lipstick, gloss, money, tickets, makeup, and mints into the compartment.

After following the tips and choosing the right prom accessories, all that’s left to do is have fun at prom! Ensure you take lots of photos to document the wonderful night. You’ll have fun reminiscing about the night with all your friends.