Tips for Protecting Outdoor Furniture During Winter

As states all over the nation experience temperature drops, homeowners need to start winterizing their patios. Preparing your outdoor space for cold, damp nights will keep your accessories in good condition. This includes furniture, which often takes a huge hit when the weather changes.
There’s nothing worse than ending the season and finding your patio furniture worse for wear. Cold weather, rain, and snow can warp and discolor your pieces while encouraging mold growth. Protect outdoor furniture during winter with these tried and true tips.
Add Coverage and Shade
Shade isn’t just for sunny seasons. Adding a roof protects patios from harsh weather by putting a barrier between your space and Mother Nature. Coverage will keep chilly rain, sleet, and snow from landing on your delicate furniture.
If you don’t want to pursue a big home improvement project, add shade with umbrellas. You could also invest in slipcovers for targeted furniture protection. Just don’t use trees as natural coverage since heavy snow can weigh down branches and ultimately cause damage to your space.
Store During the Off-Season
The best way to protect outdoor furniture during winter is by storing your pieces in a safe place. This option works best for residents in states where outdoor patio fun is next to impossible. If temperatures are too low to enjoy your porch comfortably, you don’t need to keep your furniture out.
Keep your patio accessories in a dry place, like a garage or storage unit. Clean your furniture first so everything is ready to go when temperatures rise. Consider using a dehumidifier to eliminate moisture that could cause mold and mildew growth during the off-season.
Follow a Maintenance Routine
If you’re going to leave your furniture out in the open, follow a thorough maintenance routine. Wipe your wooden and metal pieces down often to remove lingering water. You might even bring them inside before big storms to reduce damage.
Investing in weather-resistant furniture will cut maintenance time and make things more manageable. Water-proof pieces don’t need sealants or waxes, unlike chairs and tables made with lumber. Look for furniture featuring teak and aluminum materials—these options can withstand almost all types of weather.
Get the most use out of your outdoor living space by taking care of your furniture. Now, you can enjoy your patio with a warm beverage and watch the winter season rolling in before you.