Steambox: The Self–Heating Lunchbox | Set For CES 2022 Reveal

The wait is over. No more cold or tasteless food. Upgrade your lifestyle with Steambox which heats your food through steam anywhere, anytime.

Our society is busier than it’s ever been, and we hardly make time for a proper lunch. We mostly choose quick over tasty and nutritious, and our bodies are suffering because of it. Eating warm, healthy and fresh meals has become more important than ever, but it is hard to find the time. After CES 2022, consumers will have a better alternative available. With only a touch of a button, or a swipe on their phones away from a delicious nutritious meal in 15 minutes.

How it works

Through its innovative technology, Steambox’s rechargeable system can heat up to 3 meals on a single charge. On top of Steambox tackling everyday problems, its svelte design and modern appearance make it a perfect match with your lifestyle and daily food choice.

Steambox is also app-connected and controllable, through this app the user can follow recipes, track calorie intake and they can also connect to and start specific steaming programs.

Steam beats microwave

Rather than conventional heating, steam ensures that food tastes better than a microwaved meal and nutrients are preserved. Steambox’s vision is to share Freedom of Food, by enabling consumers to enjoy a warm and healthy meal, no matter the circumstances.