Simple Ways To Make Your Pool Party More Fun – An Article

If you own a pool, you know summer is the best time to take advantage of those chlorinated waters. That is why when the heat rolls in, you will likely spend hours outside lying beside the pool or going for a swim. In addition to that, you also want to share the fun with others and will likely host a few pool parties throughout the summer months.
Although pool parties always have a level of entertainment, they can start to look identical over time. If you want to give your pool a revival and switch it up, keep reading. Here are some simple ways to make your pool party more fun.

Choose a Theme
We find ourselves throwing a pool party wherein the theme is the pool itself—nothing more than that. Consider taking things up a notch by choosing a unique theme. A theme will bring excitement and creativity to your event, as your guests can embellish themselves with theme-appropriate garb. Moreover, a theme will allow you to narrow down the decorations, food, and more.

Don’t Skimp on Décor
With a pool party, we may make a habit of underestimating the space we have to work with, which is why décor can look sparser than expected. As such, ensure you fill up the space properly so that it looks like a true party and won’t have guests wondering if they are in the right place. One simple and easy way to fill up the space and make your pool party more fun is by having a balloon arch or garland adorn the space. Décor is vital to creating a stunning pool party your guests won’t forget, so it’s best not to skimp on it.

Create Delicious Spreads
Of course, we all know the crucial rule that states we must wait 15 minutes before eating to swim, and it’s best to follow that rule. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t provide any food at all. Try to opt for smaller finger foods and spreads that aren’t too heavy. This is a great alternative to the dependable yet expected pool party menu of burgers and hotdogs.

Provide Parting Gifts
What better way to send off your guests and end the party on a high note than with pool party favors? Party favors are a great way to put a unique spin on your party, upping your hosting and crafting skills. There are many DIY pool party favor ideas out there waiting to make your guests happy and commemorate the event. The best part is that you can make some of these favors out of pool noodles, so they won’t come at much of a cost.