Great Camping Trip Ideas When You Have an RV

Many people go camping in an RV by looking for campsites, finding ones that allow RVs, and hooking up their vehicles. While this is a perfectly fine and valid way to go camping, you may find yourself wanting to try something a little bit more exciting. Here are a few great camping trip ideas when you have an RV that may shake things up and give you a fresh new experience.


Boondocking is a unique type of camping where you bring your RV anywhere you want to live off what you have with you instead of relying on utility hookups. One of the distinct advantages of boondocking is that you can set up just about anywhere you can get your RV. However, if you’re looking for an extended camping session and want to retain RV power, you may want to invest in a lithium battery pack for boondocking. Even if you don’t use it all, having some backup power is a good idea when you’re camping off the grid.

Attending a Show

One great camping trip idea when you have an RV is to use it to take in a show. Some of the most common examples are to find a band you like and follow them to a few towns while they’re on tour or to go cheer on your favorite sports teams during some away games. Not every camping trip is about sitting in the woods or going fishing. You can also use your RV to take in some cultural sights and sounds.

Taking Caravan Tours

You can always look into some RV caravan tours if you don’t want to go camping by yourself. Caravan tours are unique road trip and camping experiences where a guide drives an RV and gets other vehicles to follow them. You get an opportunity to see some beautiful areas, try delicious local food, and enjoy it all alongside other caravanners who can make the trip an unforgettable experience.