Eating Healthy is the Most Popular New Year’s Resolution

Learn to Keep Going When Others Quit!

55% of New Year’s Resolutions are health related[1], 80% of people fail at them[2], and most don’t even make it past January 17th[3]

Leading Health and Wellness expert Michele Promaulayko will help your viewers stick to their resolutions at the critical early stage.  Michele will discuss the keys to improving health by changing eating habits and doing it in a way that you can live with – long after most resolutions are abandoned. 

Her new book Sugar Free 3 is a revolutionary new plan based on the latest research and science. It’s not a diet. It’s not a detox. It’s not a cleanse. It’s a manageable program to reset your entire approach to food and eating.

About:   Michele Promaulayko is an award-winning print and digital editor and is currently the Editorial-Director-at-Large for THE WELL.  She previously served as Editor-in-Chief of Cosmopolitan, the largest women’s media brand in the world, Editor-in-Chief of Yahoo Health, and before that she was the Editor-in-Chief of Women’s Healthfor six years where she oversaw the magazine, digital site, apps and books.

Michele is the author of two previous acclaimed wellness books Look Better Nakedand 20 Pounds Younger. She has appeared on Today, Good Morning America, The Doctors, CNN, EXTRA, Rachael Ray, Fox News and The Dr. Oz Show.

This tour is provided by Michele Promaulayko

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