CASA SEAT opens its doors to the world

CASA SEAT is opening its doors for the first time and reveals everything it will have to offer after its physical opening, which is scheduled for the coming weeks. Through an online opening with the participation of SEAT executives, FC Barcelona goalkeeper Marc ter Stegen and interior designer Lázaro Rosa-Violán, SEAT is showing the new space, located in the heart of Barcelona on the corner of Paseo de Gracia and Avenida Diagonal.

Hosted by journalist Ainhoa Arbizu, the virtual presentation marks the opening of CASA SEAT to the world, a milestone for the brand, located in the city where it was born 70 years ago. The space is set to become a benchmark urban mobility hub, one of SEAT’s strategic pillars. It is also the perfect space for CUPRA, from where it will display and promote its new products. In short, this brand experience centre will be a space in which to showcase projects inspired by Barcelona’s vibrant mobility and urban culture.

According to SEAT President Carsten Isensee, “Barcelona has been the home of SEAT since 1950, helping to raise the company’s profile in the eyes of the general public and visitors from all over the world. At this new headquarters in the city centre, we will be showing the company’s future in the field of mobility, among many other things.”

Furthermore, SEAT Vice-president for Sales and Marketing and CUPRA CEO Wayne Griffiths emphasised that “CASA SEAT is an example of the brand’s current relationship with this fantastic city. It is a brand experience center in the heart of Barcelona where customers and citizens can engage with SEAT and CUPRA and where we will show the most progressive projects. In general terms, people can come to experience everything that the company and its brands are committed to.”

Christian Stein, general director of SEAT Communications and SEAT and the Volkswagen Group in Spain Institutional Relations, said that “this will be a place for the exchange of ideas, creativity and business, as well as a space that welcomes the media and institutions. A space for conversation on the subject of mobility, where the needs of the city can be identified and creative solutions found through collaboration and open innovation.”