Women Hosts Powering Airbnb During the Pandemic

Women Hosts Have Earned $600 Million Since Last March

Extra Income Has Provided a Much-Needed Financial Lifeline for Women and Their Families

The pandemic has forced thousands of women out of the workforce.  In order to face the economic burdens that have fallen on their shoulders, many of them became new Airbnb Hosts. 

Airbnb estimates that 55% (2 million) of their 4 million Hosts globally are women. Since the start of the pandemic last March, new women hosts that have started hosting on Airbnb with only one listing have collectively earned $600 million. This lifeline isn’t limited to just Hosts who are sharing their homes. In a recent Airbnb survey, 35 percent of these women reported that they started their Online Experience to replace lost income from a full-time or part-time job.

Stephanie Ruiz, Regional Communications Lead for Latin America at Airbnb, discusses:

  • Women representing more than half of Airbnb hosts globally
  • How women affected by the pandemic have turned to Airbnb as source of income
  • Online Experiences and connecting with others in a virtual setting
  • Traveling trends post-pandemic

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