Ways That Parks Can Incorporate Play for Adults – An Article

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Parks are an excellent resource for any community, and they even benefit adults and those from older generations. While the children are in school, adults need to find some way to kill time between work, home tasks, and picking up the kids from school. As a community, it’s important to provide ways for parks to incorporate play for adults. Here is our guide on what a community can do to bring more playtime to adults.

Install Walking Paths and Trails

According to studies, adults who visit parks tend to prefer walking around paths or trails, either for leisure or exercise. When you install tracks in your park, consider adding some natural or artificial shade to help encourage people to walk longer and more often. Avid walkers often enjoy scouting out markers or trail checkpoints to help track their progress. Add markers and benches to help others navigate the path successfully. While you’re at it, add a natural playground along the trail for adults to use while they walk.

Add Fun Programs

To help liven up park recreation for adults, it’s vital to add age-appropriate programs that interest adults and encourage them to get involved. Some ideas include walking clubs, yoga in the park, and other social activities that interest adults. Adding fun programs will give the community something to do while their children are in school or partaking in their own park activities.

Expand Your Park if Possible

If a nearby park has vacant land, consider expanding onto it by adding miniature parks where adults can play. Playing is beneficial for adults because it helps them let go of the stress of everyday life. One of the ways that parks can incorporate play for adults is by adding small community areas centered around adult hobbies; this may include gardens, fitness centers, a mini-playground, and even walking paths. 

Add Multigenerational Activities

Many older adults use parks in the morning and on weekends. Finding a way to ensure all community members can enjoy your park can be challenging at times. One way to change that is by adding different amenities to your park. For example, adding equipment like an expression swing that allows for a parent and child to sit face-to-face will encourage adults and children to interact and bond in different ways.

Park managers everywhere can learn how to add amenities to influence adults to play. For community leaders, use this guide to help you brainstorm new ways that parks can incorporate play for adults.