Top Coolest Truck Stops in the United States – An Article

Are you heading out for your next delivery and want to make your trip a little more interesting? If you can, try adding these top coolest truck stops in the United States to your route—you won’t want to miss these stops! Or, if you’re planning a road trip, make some pit stops along the way!

Let’s examine some of the most fascinating and efficient truck stops you can stop during your commercial trips.

Iowa 80, Walcott, IA

Located on the outskirts of Iowa, the Iowa 80 ranks as one of the most refreshing and exciting stops in the US for many reasons. Many truckers know them primarily for their parking space—their large lot can accommodate around 900 tractor-trailers, 250 cars, and 20 buses. Iowa 80 is also known for its other attractions, including:

  • Movie theatre
  • Dogomat Pet Wash
  • Dentist

If you’re hoping to see the next movie that’s still out in theatres, you can do that here at Iowa 80. And don’t forget to wash your pup at their built-in Dogomat Pet Wash!

Alamo Plaza, Nevada

The Alamo Plaza has a few locations in Nevada and is best known for having its own casino within the location! If you’re in the mood to have some extra fun on your long trip (and extra cash!), be sure to visit their casino. You might also be interested in their other amenities, such as:

  • Fitness room
  • On-site barber (at the Sparks location)

Jubitz, Portland, OR

Many people consider Jubitz to be the “world’s classiest truck stop” for a good reason.

Located in the ever-popular Portland, Oregon, you can find the Jubitz truck stop. Jubitz is way more than a truck stop—it’s also a hotel and marketplace! This is the perfect spot for tired travelers to check out incredible attractions, including:

  • Laundromat
  • Movie theatre
  • Chiropractor
  • 24-hour restaurant

North 40 Truck Stop, Holladay, TN

The North 40 Truck Stop in Holladay, Tennessee, can add even more fun to your holiday trip (see what we did there?). Besides offering a great restaurant with an excellent reputation, North 40 also provides:

  • Overnight parking
  • Showers
  • Massages

Morris Travel Center, Morris, IL

In the heart of Illinois lies the Morris Travel Center! If you’re hungry, this is the truck stop for you.

This is where travelers of all ages can stop for some delicious food at one of the top truck stops in the US and experience their tasty homemade pastries and 4-pound burgers! This location is also open 24 hours a day, making it a perfect stop for your overnight deliveries.

Although these are fun truck stops where you can rest, play, and eat, be sure to also use that time for common diesel engine maintenance to ensure your trip is smoother!

Being a truck driver can be stressful sometimes, but when you get to visit the top coolest truck stops in the United States, it makes it all worthwhile!