Top 5 Car Detailing Tips You Need To Know

Everyone wants a brand new vehicle, but that’s not realistic for most people. Although you can spend quite a bit paying a professional to detail your car several times each year, it’s not necessary for a fresh-looking vehicle. Believe it or not, you can always have a freshly-cleaned car, even if you have no detailing experience. Delve into these top car detailing tips you need to know instead of paying a hefty price at a shop.

Rinse Your Sponge

Washing the entire dirty car with the same sponge and suds bucket can counteract the work you just did—you may put dirt and debris back on your vehicle or leave streaks behind. Therefore, you should rinse your sponge frequently as you clean your car’s exterior. To avoid rinsing in the same dirty water, prepare two soap and water buckets to get the job done.

Use a Microfiber Cloth To Dry

Cleaning your car is the first step to achieving a fresh and shiny look, but letting it air dry may result in residue and water spots. Drying the vehicle’s paintwork with microfiber cloths is the best way to prevent spots and make your car look super clean.

Start manually drying at the top and work your way down until the vehicle is completely dry and clear of water droplets. Microfiber towels are definitely one of the top items to stock your detailing kit with.

Remove All Loose Items From the Interior Beforehand

Cleaning the interior isn’t entirely difficult, but all of the loose items in your car can get in the way of hard-to-reach places. Rather than trying to vacuum around your personal items, make your job easier by taking everything out. Consider removing all sunglasses, loose change, pens, and other personal items from your vehicle to get the best possible clean.

Clean Windows Strategically

Windows are probably the most challenging part of a full detail, but you can make it easier on yourself with one simple trick. Streaks are an inevitable part of window cleaning, but it’s nearly impossible to determine whether they’re on the inside or outside. Get in the habit of wiping the interior and exterior in opposite directions; this way, you’ll be able to tell where the streak is because of its direction.

Use a Rubber Glove To Remove Pet Hair

If you take your pets in your car, you probably have animal hair all over your seats. Pet hair can be extremely difficult to remove with a vacuum, but there’s a better solution. Put a rubber glove on one hand and run it along the seats to gather the hair quickly and easily.

Pro Tip: Slightly dampen the glove for best results.

Before you cave and begin spending money on professional services, consider doing the job yourself. With these top detailing tips you need to know, you’ll become a skilled car detailer in no time, and you’ll feel more pride knowing you did it all on your own.