Top 3 Things You Didn’t Know About Solar Panels – an Article

Whether you’ve looked into solar panels for your own home or you recently heard a friend talking about how life-changing they are, we’re guessing we can surprise you! Solar panels are technological marvels that don’t get enough press. A sustainable option that saves tons of money—where do we sign up? Read on to discover the top three things you didn’t know about solar panels.

Pay Off Your System in a Decade

The average American homeowner pays off their solar panels in eight to ten years. While that may sound like a long time, you need to consider that solar panels are warrantied for 25 years or more! After you pay off your panels, you get to enjoy over a decade of dirt-cheap (if not free) electricity. You’ve seen how much energy prices have risen over the past few years—imagine what ten more will do.

You’re Not “Off the Grid”

Once you install solar panels, you’re energy independent, right? Not if you only install solar panels. You can choose to go off the grid and install solar batteries, or create a hybrid system with batteries and panels. There are a few factors that go into deciding what’s best for your home, so find out if the extra investment is worth it to you.

Still Producing Energy When It’s Cloudy

Yes, you read that right! The sun doesn’t need to be shining for your house to have all the power you’re used to. Just because you can’t see the sun shining doesn’t mean your solar panels don’t soak up the rays! While there’s less photovoltaic energy on cloudy days, it isn’t pitch black. That means some of the sun’s light is getting through and getting to your panels.

When you see a rainy week ahead on the forecast, you don’t need to break out the generator—your panels will still do their thing!

Now that you understand the top three things you didn’t know about solar panels, consider installing them for yourself! You’ll see what all the fuss was about in no time.