Things You Should Never Put on a Moving Truck – An Article

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Pack like a pro and be prepared in time for your movers when you know the things you should never put on a moving truck. Keep safety in mind when you decide what to put in your suitcases. Find out what movers can and can’t take on their trucks.


The legal way to transport a firearm across state lines is with a mover who is licensed. Most moving companies don’t have the proper permits to haul firearms, so you’ll have to transport them yourself.


It’s against the law for movers to put flammable substances on their trucks. If you rent a truck, try not to put certain things in the back. If the truck overheats, it could cause a fire. Flammables to watch out for include:

  • Oxygen tanks
  • Lighter fluids
  • Propane tanks
  • Signal flares
  • Fireworks
  • Fertilizers
  • Paint


Most plants are delicate. You may need to wrap them to avoid harming them. Plants are one of the most damaged items during a move. Even if you do it yourself, you risk losing a leaf or petal here and there.


It’s not obvious to everyone that you should never put your pet in the back of a moving truck. Things tend to slip and slide around no matter how well you pack your truck. You don’t want something to fall on your pet. They could get crushed or smushed by a heavy box or piece of furniture during a turn.


Even with a lot of bubble wrap, TVs and computers can bust in the back of moving trucks. Unless you have the original packaging, you should try to move these items in your own vehicle.


Moving trucks aren’t insulated and don’t have refrigeration. To keep any food items you plan to move in their best condition, you should take them yourself.

Pro Tip: Clear out your fridge and freezer prior to moving so you don’t have to worry about food that can go bad.

Expensive Instruments

High-ticket items that you can’t afford to lose shouldn’t go on the truck. Especially if you don’t have insurance, don’t take a chance letting someone else move your guitar, kiln, or tool kit. The tools of your trade aren’t worth losing.

Priceless Heirlooms

If you can’t live without something, don’t allow movers to handle it. You never know what might happen on a moving truck. Boxes are packed tightly and thrown around. Protect your precious items in suitcases you’ll move yourself.

The things you should never put on a moving truck are what you value most. Further, you should never place anything on the truck that may harm it. It’s illegal to place flammable items on moving trucks because they easily overheat. Make your move as safe and successful as possible with these tips.