The Advantages of Moving in With Friends – An Article

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Finding the right roommates is just as important as finding the right apartment. Perhaps it’s even more significant, as you can’t enjoy the perks of a quality place if your living partners are lousy. When tackling the challenge of finding folks to live with, many people default to those they trust most—their friends—and with good reason. If you’re looking to share apartment costs with someone soon, review the advantages of moving in with friends to see why sharing a place with them might be the best fit.

The Benefits of Moving in With Your Buds

You Reduce the Risk of a Bad Roommate

You likely already have a good idea of your friends’ lifestyle habits. So, you can determine whether they’ll make good roommates or not. Planning to live with somebody you already know and trust eliminates the need for taking a risk with a stranger who could end up being a bad roommate.

You Have Constant Company and Support

It’s tough to come home after a long or exciting day and not have anyone to converse with about it. Having a friend as a roommate will mean you’ll both have the constant support and company of one another.

There’s No Awkward “Get-to-Know-You” Phase

When you move in with a stranger you’ve only communicated with online, it can be a little awkward settling into your new place. With friends, you already know they welcome your personality. So, there’s no need to warm up to one another. 

You’ll Save on Rent and Utilities

The financial perk of having roommates is worth a mention, too. You will split your rent, utilities, and other apartment purchases, such as kitchenware and bathroom essentials, between you and your friends, which will lift some financial burden off your plate.

A Few Considerations Before Signing the Lease

Though it’d be sweet, living with a best friend isn’t all fun and games. The advantages of moving in with friends may outweigh the disadvantages, but the potential negatives are still worth reflecting on before fully committing to the move.

You may end up testing even the strongest of friendships when you share your home. It’s just more likely when you’re around each other all the time! To prevent dirty dishes or utility bills from driving a wedge between you, you and your friend(s) should heed tips for living in a shared space. Cohesive living isn’t guaranteed right off the bat, but it is something you both can gradually reach with ample communication and honesty.