Spring into Health and Wellness: Tips for a Healthy Season

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Wellness and Lifestyle Expert, Terra Wellington, Shares Health and Wellness Tips for Spring

No matter how good your intentions, it can be difficult to stay healthy during the winter months. Between comfort food, cozy sweaters, and Netflix marathons, staying healthy and living an active lifestyle can prove to be difficult. The pandemic, as we’re all aware, has not made things any easier this year.

But with spring around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about ways to jumpstart your health and wellness for the rest of the year.

Terra Wellington discusses:

  • Why spring is the best time to focus on self-improvement
  • Wearable tech to help you improve health and wellness
  • Ways to support immune, heart, brain, joint, eye and skin health
  • Updating your skincare routine with all-natural ingredients

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About Terra Wellington

Terra Wellington is a lifestyle media personality and actress who is one of the country’s foremost authorities. She has conducted more than 2,000 television interviews sharing wellness advice and tips. Terra is Editor in Chief at SimpleMomsGuide.com, an inspirational lifestyle site.