Maintenance Tips for Your Car’s Starter Motor – An Article

Among the many complex parts that fit together to keep your car going, it’s not uncommon to forget that the process of starting your car is not intricate in itself. It is important to understand the inner workings of your vehicle so that you are better prepared should a specific part fail someday. These are some maintenance tips for your car’s starter motor.

Clean Your Terminals

Your starter motor works hand in hand with your battery to get the car started. With regular use and daily activation, corrosion is a likely byproduct. As this continues for longer periods, layers begin to form around the terminals that lead to the battery. The thicker the corrosion is around the terminals, the weaker the current between your battery and starter motor gets. Getting rid of the grime regularly will help to lessen the issue and will likely extend the longevity of your starter.

Maintain Your Connectors

While the terminals are like ports for your battery and starter motor, the solenoid is what allows the positive current of your battery to flow into the motor. This part is cylindrically shaped and is bound to kick up some dust, dirt, and grime as you continue driving throughout the year. The solenoid is also prone to corrosion, just like the terminals. It is important to separate this part from its location and clean it thoroughly to ensure you can continue to use it normally.

Check the Flywheel

A busted flywheel is not good and requires immediate service, as it serves one of the preliminary functions necessary to get your car ready for the drive. As your car starts up, a jolt of electricity travels toward the flywheel to maintain energy in the engine until it can begin running on its own. Without it, your engine would be forced to rely on the stored electricity in the battery. However, it takes a large amount of electricity to start a car, and without the flywheel, you’ll almost certainly drain the battery very quickly.

There is a lot to learn about your vehicle, and the best way to understand it is by working with it as problems pop up naturally. It is important to be aware of the common factors that prevent your car from starting and how to deal with them as they pop up. By considering a few of these maintenance tips for your car’s starter motor, you gain the extra knowledge you need to keep your car in good shape.