Introducing New Car Models During a Pandemic

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How Technology is Changing the Way Car Makers are Reaching Consumers

Behind the Scenes of Virtual Introductions from Jeep, Dodge and Maserati

See It for Yourself!

Auto shows used to be where car lovers could get their fix on new car models, prototypes for the future and the latest from their favorite brands. As the Auto Shows were cancelled in cities across the country, car makers and marketers had to come up with new ideas. Among them, virtual launches and taking prototypes on the road.

Not only are car makers taking their newest models on the road, they are harnessing the power of technology using virtual reality, digital press conferences, and more to introduce the newest car models to the public and media.

So, how are they doing it? Let an industry veteran and expert take you

 inside the process.

Andy Love, Director Brand and Sales, Maserati North America discusses:

  • Trends in new vehicle introductions from Jeep, Dodge, and the latest Maserati announcement
  • How consumers can find out more about the new cars they are interested in
  • The latest on the Maserati MC20 super sports car that will be taking its prototype on the road for a nationwide tour along with 3 Trofeo collection vehicles from model year 2021
  • The increasing use of Virtual Reality and what the future holds for both car technology and marketing announcements.

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BIO: Andy Love – Director Brand and Sales, Maserati North America

A 20 year veteran of the automotive industry, Andy has held increasingly senior sales and marketing roles.  He currently leads brand and sales for Maserati North America.