Ford Urges Nation to #FinishStrong in Battle Against COVID

Ford will launch #FinishStrong, a public call to action initiative starting Jan. 1, encouraging Americans to pull together and keep acting to protect each other until COVID-19 vaccines become more widely available; health officials estimate doing so could save 50,000* lives in the months ahead

Award-winning filmmaker Peter Berg created the program launch message. Ford is working with a large coalition of media partners – ABC, ESPN, Disney, NFL, FOX and iHeart- to ensure this message reaches a large portion of the country. The commercial, debuting Jan. 1, will air during the Citrus Bowl on ABC and the Peach Bowl, Rose Bowl and Sugar Bowl on ESPN. It also will run during Fox NFL games on Jan. 3. iHeart Media will also amplify with radio spots running Dec. 31 through Jan 1.

#FinishStrong is the latest effort by Ford to support those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Ford has been a leader in COVID mitigation efforts since April and one of the first manufacturers to pivot toward making personal protective equipment (PPE). To date, Ford has made 55 million masks and will hit 100 million masks for donations by mid-2021