Ford Bronco Aftermarket Modifications Worth Skipping

The Ford Bronco is an excellent SUV with outstanding off-roading capabilities, and fans of this vehicle like to customize their rides for improved off-roading performance. Some of these upgrades are extremely helpful, while others are not worthwhile. Read on to learn about three common Ford Bronco aftermarket modifications that are worth skipping.

Universal Suspension Products

The idea of a universal, one-size-fits-all suspension upgrade sounds too good to be true—that’s because it is! Suspension is responsible for absorbing energy and maintaining stability as a car drives over any terrain. This system is especially important for off-roading vehicles, such as the Ford Bronco, which require personalized designs and parts to function properly. If you come across a universal suspension spring or related upgrade, save your money for something more useful.

Fake Tire Beadlocks

Many off-roading enthusiasts partially deflate their tires before driving over rugged terrain in an effort to achieve superior grip and traction. Slightly flattened tires are excellent for challenging surfaces, but this loose footprint also means an inferior grip between the tire and the rim itself. With less pressure keeping these two parts together, tire beadlocks are installed on the rim components to add extra leverage. Ultimately, beadlocks prevent potentially deadly tire slip-offs. However, aesthetic-only—also known as fake—beadlocks are absolutely not worth your time or money. They may appear cool, but they offer zero functionality or protection for your off-roading tires.

Catalytic Converter Removal

Professional off-roaders like to remove their catalytic converters and enable direct gas flow to the engines, delivering superior raw power. However, this modification is only allowed for off-roading-specific vehicles because the catalytic converter significantly reduces harmful carbon emissions, helping protect the environment and bolster the vehicle’s gas efficiency overall. If you use your Ford Bronco as a daily driver, do not pursue this aftermarket upgrade. Instead, invest in a higher-quality catalytic converter for an increased, smoother gas flow.

While there are plenty of Ford Bronco aftermarket modifications worth skipping, there are just as many upgrades that are worth the hype! These more helpful custom options include premium seating additions, lighting system enhancements, and more.