Spring training to get fit, healthy and prepared for the season

Did your New Year’s Resolution to exercise daily turn into getting off the couch to go to fridge?  Don’t give up: just 8 percent of us reach that goal, because it’s hard to make giant life-style changes.  But research shows people who set more realistic goals and specific dates to motivate themselves really do have more success. Laura DeAngelis has pumped up millions with her advice as a TV fitness expert on WNBC and News 12 Networks, and now this multiple-Telly Award winner and Emmy nominee will inspire you and your viewers get back on track for spring.

Laura DeAngelis  discusses:

  •      Exercises to get you looking good and ready for spring break (healthful, low impact exercises)
  •      Fitness dos and don’ts after slacking off during the winter (over-exertion, little sleep, irregular exercise)
  •      Making healthy foods part of your diet (rewarding yourself the right way)
  •      Going on the offense when you feel a cold coming on

About Laura DeAngelis:

Laura has had a long and successful communications career, hosting the nationally syndicated Health & Home Report, and appearing on Coffee with America and WNBC’s New York Live show. She has won several Telly Awards, a first-place win for in-depth reporting from the Connecticut Society of Professional Journalists and received several Emmy nominations from the Boston/New England chapter of the National Television Academy. Laura also received her fitness certifications from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA). In her free time, she writes for her website and uses her workout routine to fight off life’s stresses.

Interview provided by Alexia Foods, Cold-EEZE