Creative Ways To Market Your Business at Events

Whatever kind of business you own, you likely have participated in some promotional event. There are different festivals and trade shows, and some businesses will even go on mobile tours to different locations to better promote themselves and their products. Continue reading to learn about some creative ways to market your business at these events and draw more attention to your business, products, and services.

Get Colorful

Whenever you’re trying to market your business, whether you’re at an event or you’re decorating your storefront, don’t be afraid to get colorful. Many businesses and homes have started to use neutral tones and inoffensive grays, whites, and blacks. It’s a great way to present your business as a blank canvas for customers instead of being out there and colorful, potentially pushing some customers away.

Designing this way makes sense, but now that almost every business follows this same philosophy, you can use it to your advantage. Going with this safe and neutral route will lead to your business blending in with everyone else, but if you get colorful and embrace some different blues, greens, reds, and even purples, you will stand out!

Be on Social Media

Many businesses make a significant mistake by showing up at these different events, trade shows, or mobile tours without advertising themselves. Social media is where all the consumers and business partners are today, and you must advertise and market yourself there. Doing so will ensure that consumers know you’re going somewhere, and they can go there and interact with your business and products. Marketing yourself and where you’ll be is one part of planning successful mobile tour stops. By being on social media, you can also maintain those connections after the event ends instead of ending that connection when you drive away.

Do Promotions and Contests

Another effective way your business can market itself at different events is to run different contests or promotions. If you only show up and have fliers, different brochures, or hands-on products, you’re not going to be memorable for people. Your business is going to be like every other one at the event. However, you can stand out if you do something special with a little flair. Some great ideas are:

  • Encouraging people to follow your social media for the chance to win something
  • Having little games with prizes
  • Offering free samples or branded merchandise

Many businesses use some of these ideas, and this strategy can still be effective with them doing the same thing as you. Yes, many consumers will put your merchandise and samples into their tote and go to the other businesses. Still, there are many other potential customers that these strategies will reach.

These are a few creative ways to market your business at events, but they are sure to make you stand out among the crowd. You will draw people’s attention, maintain that connection, and hopefully capture their business!