Common Car Detailing Mistakes To Avoid – An Article

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With the multitude of detailing products available on the market, caring for your car by hand and still getting professional results has never been easier. However, without the expertise of a professional, there are some common car detailing mistakes to avoid that many inexperienced car owners make while caring for their vehicle. Here are some of the mistakes you should be wary of.

The Right Tools

The most common car detailing mistake to avoid—and perhaps even the most fatal—is not having the right tools for the job. Many car owners believe dish soap and whatever towels they have around is perfectly adequate for washing their car, but dish soap will only strip the wax from your car while a towel made from an abrasive material could scratch the paint. Instead, make the effort to get ahold of soap specifically tailored towards washing cars as well as a wash mitt or cleaning cloth conducive to wiping away dirt and grime without risk of doing more harm than good.

The Cleaning Process

You should be aware of a few aspects while you wash your car. For starters, avoid washing your car directly under the sun. Not only do the UV rays of the sun fade your car’s paint, but direct sunlight will dry water and soap before you have a chance to properly rinse and wipe it off. This leads to water and soap stains that will have to be rewashed all over again. Some other details to keep in mind include having two separate buckets of water for soap and rinsing so you’re not reapplying dirt and grime. Ensure you clean the wheels first as they are often the dirtiest parts of the car. Neglecting to do them first may result in splashing dirt and grime from the wheels onto clean surfaces.

Applying Wax and Polish

When you begin to add the finishing touches of wax and polish, the biggest mistake many car owners make is applying the wax directly to the car’s surface. Instead, apply the wax or polish to the applicator to ensure you get an even coat and prevent dark spots appearing on exterior of the car. Another mistake some people make is neglecting to wax or polish altogether. Wax and polish are more than an extra cosmetic step—they add an extra protective layer which helps preserve the paint.