Colleen Burn’s Mom On The Run Travel Guide

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Stress-Free, Healthy Trips This Winter And Spring

January 31st is National Plan for Vacation Day! And 2017 is the year of transformative travel. As the mother of 6 sons, Colleen Burns, aka “The Mom on the Run,” knows the importance of planning ahead, and that means choosing your vacations by picking trips that will give you and your loved ones great experiences to look back on all year. Say yes to fun, and join Colleen for real-life advice for healthy, memorable family travels this season.

Colleen  discusses:

  • How to travel with kids (travel planning, packing)
  • How to plan your winter, spring and summer getaways

Managing cold and flu symptoms during travel (cold and flu season remedies

About Colleen Burns

Colleen Burns-Harristhal is the founder of “The Mom on The Run” blog. As the mother of 6 boys, ages 7 to 18, Colleen knows how to survive and manage hectic family life. She is also a former reporter and anchor for a national news network and covered local beats for CBS affiliates in Illinois and Minnesota. She was also the producer for the nationally syndicated Emmy Award winning show, “Smarter Living,” and regular contributor for PBS and The Weather Channel.  Colleen is also the co-author of a best-selling book, “MOMARCHY, Why Moms Rule the World.”

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