Awesome Woodworking Projects You Should Consider

Woodworking is a rewarding hobby that grants you the opportunity to create handmade pieces. If you’re stuck in a project rut or need inspiration, look at these awesome woodworking projects you should consider. You’ll produce beautiful items in no time!

Decorative Signs

Whether you’re a beginner or novice woodworker, decorative signs are fantastic projects. Use your creativity to make customized pieces. If you want a secondary source of income, decorative sign-making is a smart option.

Consider creating customer signs with family last names, aspirational quotes, or unique decals. The possibilities are endless! Enhance your woodworking skills one sign at a time.

Coffee Table

If you’re interested in a rustic, personalized project, you should build a coffee table. Creating an eye-catching coffee table is even easier with live edge slabs. The wood showcases the tree’s natural beauty with untouched lines and swirls.

One important tip for woodworking with live edge slabs is to keep your piece slightly oversized during the planning stage. This way, you can cut it to the final dimension later. You’ll produce the perfect-sized coffee table for your space.

Side Table

Like coffee tables, side tables are a personalized project you can tackle too. Side tables are small-scale projects that are easy to incorporate in different rooms. For example, you could create a nightstand, then make it an extension of armchairs or store small items on the unit.

You can use live edge slabs or soft woods for this project. Side tables can be simple or complex projects depending on your desired results.

Wine Rack

A wine rack is another woodworking project you should consider because they’re easy and customizable. This straightforward project requires circular holes, which allow you to store wine bottles.

Be sure to generate a sturdy structure because broken bottles are the last thing you want.

Use redwood, mahogany, or alder wood for a sophisticated appearance. Wine racks are beautiful gifts that stand out in homes.

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are excellent additions to living rooms, kitchens, offices, and bedrooms. Get the exact size, thickness, and look you desire by creating the shelves yourself.

Complete the design with trims to match your furniture. Floating shelves are a basic project you can finish within a day!

Classic Chessboard

Who wouldn’t love a one-of-a-kind chessboard with custom pawns? Gather contrasting woods to generate personalized pieces. This option is excellent for woodworkers interested in enhancing their craftsmanship skills by practicing intricate details.