A padel champion in a nutshell

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  • Two hours of training in the gym, two hours of padel and a session of stretching are just a few reasons for Fernando Belasteguín’s success
  • A five-egg omelette, almonds and 8 hours of sleep are some of the champion’s invisible training methods
  • The CUPRA ambassador shares a special moment in his career, a secret and an obsession

“I apply myself fully to padel every day. I’ve been the world’s number one for 16 years and 8 months in a row, but nothing compares to the way I feel daily when I finish a training session, not even all the past years of being in first place on the leaderboard”, says CUPRA ambassador Fernando Belasteguín as he eats a breakfast consisting of a 5-egg omelette and a handful of almonds. He’s in a hurry, so he gulps down his mate and we climb into his CUPRA Ateca to find out more about this padel legend.