What’s faster – the CUPRA or a javelin?

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Winning Spirit

  • Challenge between the SEAT Leon CUPRA and Barbora Špotáková, Olympic javelin champion and a brand ambassador
  • The challenge puts the car’s 300 hp to the test against the strength of the athlete, who currently holds the world record with a distance of 72.28 metres
  • A javelin can be thrown at 90 km/h and the SEAT Leon CUPRA is able to reach 100 km/h in under five seconds

Barbora Špotáková, Olympic javelin champion and a SEAT ambassador, has already won two gold medals in Beijing 2008 and London 2012. While in training for her next sporting event, she accepts a new challenge – testing herself against the SEAT Leon CUPRA. The Czech Republic Football Association stadium is the backdrop for the race, where the participants have three attempts. Which one will be faster?

-A few seconds before competing: While the driver of the SEAT Leon CUPRA starts the 300 hp 2.0 TSI engine, Barbora psyches herself up for the throw. “In order to concentrate on what my body is going to do, my mind has to be completely blank. I focus on a spot on the other side of the stadium and virtually project my throw over there”, she explains before competing.

-Best out of three: Right after the starting gun, the SEAT Leon CUPRA accelerates from 0 to a 100 km/h in 4.9 seconds. This performance gives it the advantage over Barbora’s first javelin throw. In her second attempt, the javelin leaves her hand at a speed of seven metres per second and crosses the stadium almost undetected, outperforming the car. In the third and final attempt, despite flying through the air at around 90 km/h, the javelin cannot outpace the SEAT Leon CUPRA, which is ultimately proclaimed the winner.