Reinventing a City based on Blockchain Technology

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Thought Leaders gathered in Santiago, Chile for the Allianz Global Explore

  • Tech experts gathered in Santiago as part of the Allianz Global Explorer Program.
  • Blockchain (the platform on which cryptocurrencies are based) was explained and explored
  • Managing Editor of Inside Blockchain, Per Håkansson, was joined by local experts to imagine what a city would look like run on blockchain
  • Event running alongside the international electric street racing championship, Formula E which made its debut in Chile
  • Media assets available for journalists to access and download.

Bitcoin has been gathering media headlines and public interest around the world.  But Bitcoin is just the tip of the tech iceberg that is blockchain, the platform on which cryptocurrencies are based.  Blockchain is being seen as a virtual retooling of the internet based on peer-to-peer, decentralised technology. According to experts, in the future it will be used for more than just currency investing. In fact, blockchain could revolutionise public services such as politics, power generation, healthcare and transport.

“Behind blockchain lies the powerful idea of using decentralised networks to organise, authenticate and validated transactions between people all over the world without third-party middlemen or the friction of national borders,” says Per Håkansson, Managing Editor of Inside Blockchain.

In Latin America, Chile has been at the forefront of this disruptive technology. Tech experts gathered in Santiago, Chile for an open learning session on blockchain.

Entrepreneur Gabriel Gurovich, who attended the discussion said: “The biggest potential for a city like Santiago—which has all of the difficulties that a big city has like traffic jams and pollution—will be to rely on something which is trusted and organised by the crowd.”